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Christmas Tree Lights Hangar

The purpose of PERFECT LIGHTS ( Christmas Tree Lights Hangar ) is to support the weight of Christmas lights throughout ...

Albert Bennett, Calgary, Alberta


Multiple door pannels hinge system

The hinge system on a garage door, can be compare to the opening and closing of the side door of a minivan. Look at hte video on the site.

Jacques Lussier


Leaf skimmer for pools

Picks leaves or other debris on the surface, before ....

Daniel Adam


Splash Chaps - cover up pants

Protects trouser working.

Claude Van Wierts


Folding trailers

Different types of folding trailers.

René Bernard


Back scrubber for Shower

The present invention relates generally to a scrubbing device but more particularly to a...

Pierre Boulet


Vertical walls for hydroponic growing for herbs, flowers and fountain

Vertical walls for hydroponic growing, which gives you the opportunity to eat fresh organic herbs or edible flowers every day.

Éric Lahaeye - Les Distributions Mur De vie inc.


Granular Food Dispenseur Installed Under a Cupboard

Food Dispenser mounted under the cabinet.

Dany Goulet


Rapid Worms - A stable container that will prevent you from spilling or lousing your bait.

Practical container for fishing.

Sylvain Fontaine


Photographic system for use on school buses

Each year, children are victims of motorists who do not respect...

Jacques Bédard


Double action rake

Broom ultra-convenient for collecting leaves.

Manon Bélanger


Heated vent

Heated vent that fits inside the roof sewer outlet, prevents freezing and draws odors inside. Eliminates any return of odors inside. This product has been tested at -60 degrees C and is Canada / USA certified.

Sylvain Ouellet


Electricity generation by tire rotation


Ambidextrous measuring tape with vertical numbers

The Chummy's Tape is an ambidextrous measuring tape with vertical numbers on the blade, for left hander or right hander.

André Bérubé