A unique and effective concept

Inventarium is not a Patent Lawyer Firm but an alternative to conventional Patent Lawyer Firms. We help independent inventors and small businesses file and get their patents in Canada, the United States and abroad and at prices that defy all competition. If your invention project is currently being handled by an organization, institution or a conventional Patent Lawyer Firm, you can always transfer it to Inventarium at no charge.

In addition to our much lower prices, what sets us apart from non-profit organizations or companies offering similar services, is that, at the stage of the formal patent filing, your file will not be transferred or processed by a different Patents Lawyer's firm, but will stay with Inventorium over the lifespan of your patent, which is 20 years. There is a huge difference, because the management fees of Patents firms are extremely expensive, whereas with Inventorium, in addition to low management costs, we never charge for phone calls, meetings at our offices, nor the study and transmission of notices and other documents from the Patents Offices.

Why our prices are the lowest in Canada