Daniel Paquette was born in Montréal on October 22nd, 1951 in a family of nine children. Although he completed his formal education in 1968, he never stopped learning through the school of life. A police officer for the Montreal urban community from 1971 to 2001, he distinguished himself through his astonishing ability to problem solve, innovate, and invent.

His vocation as an inventor is mainly due to his steadfast refusal to passively accept a situation that feels wrong, something that isn't quite right and that could be improved. Where most people accept or resign, Daniel Paquette breaks the status quo and innovates. A renowned inventor and owner of several patents and a pioneer in the rallying of inventors in Quebec, Daniel Paquette has received many awards for his inventions.

It is in 1984, when training for the Montreal marathon that he had his first idea for an invention, the Jogg'O. Many other inventions followed which the push away arm for school buses which has contributed to virtually eliminated child death crushed by their own bus.

Daniel Paquette has also distinguished himself as a defender of the rights of inventors by founding in 1991, the Association of inventors of Quebec become Inventarium today.

JEANNE-MORIN, secretary

A member of the Business Women’s Network, Jeanne Morin has gradually added to her training by enrolling in a variety of academic programs. Starting with life insurance, Mrs. Morin pursued her professional training in management, business administration, finance, investment; communication and leadership were part of the training offered by her employers. While she was working with her different employers, Mrs. Morin managed to continually enhance her expertise in the aforementioned areas through her studies and development sessions.

Professionally, Mrs. Morin has gained experience in several positions: marketing director, recruiter for management positions, staffing manager, contract negotiator, customer service manager, sales personnel hiring and training, business development manager, including business expansion and development of new sales territories, etc.

Mother of Tina Poitras, Olympic athlete and President of Namaste Leadership, Mrs. Morin strongly believes in the importance of helping, supervising and supporting effort and determination. As Vice President, administrator and partner of Inventarium, Jeanne Morin, with her husband Daniel Paquette, has set the objective of creating solid business links with organizations and businesses interested in encouraging the work of inventors in Canada

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